Are Corner Kitchen Tables a Good Fit for You?

What is a Breakfast Nook?

A breakfast nook is a location of a home that is generally located either in or around the kitchen. This area is reserved for enjoying a quiet breakfast or other meal, but is not situated in the conventional dining space of the home. Due to the fact that the breakfast nook is beyond the dining-room, this area is more commonly utilized for more casual meals, consisting of breakfast, or fast snacks. Since the breakfast nook is frequently used for casual meals, this location calls for comfy, yet stylish furniture to make the area warm and inviting, but also efficient for the space.

Is a Corner Kitchen table the best fit for your kitchen or breakfast nook?

If you have a breakfast nook or are looking to have an eat-in kitchen but don’t have a lot of space, than a corner kitchen table is a perfect fit for you.  It’s a space saving design that allows you to get the most out of a small space.  It’s great for guest or just the family on a Saturday morning.

How to Choose Breakfast Nook Furniture to Fit Your Style and Budget:

When acquiring furniture to fill a breakfast nook, it is essential to first establish a budget plan. This will help to determine precisely what you are looking for, along with ensure that you are purchasing furnishings that will not put end up being an unnecessary monetary burden.
As soon as the spending plan is set, it is then time to select the design of the furniture. If the breakfast nook is distinguished from the other spaces of your house or is like a room in itself, any style of furniture might be chosen. However, if the breakfast nook becomes part of the cooking area or opens to another space, it is a good idea to match the brand-new furnishings with the established decoration.
Generally a breakfast nook is filled with a corner kitchen table and either chairs or benches. In addition, numerous property owners decide to fill their breakfast nook with rustic or conventional wood furniture. This tends to fill the location with a really comfortable and quaint feel. However, if the breakfast nook lies in the cooking area or other location, it is essential to pick furniture that sets the area apart, yet matches the decor of the connecting spaces. If a breakfast nook is located in a very modern-day cooking area, more contemporary furnishings ought to fill the nook.
Likewise, when choosing furniture for a breakfast nook, it is very important to choose whether to fill the area with chairs or benches. A bench is a fantastic choice when positioned versus a wall, while chairs may be a more practical choice for open locations. Benches do have the tendency to offer the breakfast nook a more comfortable feel, yet need to just be chosen when they make good sense when matched with the table and make excellent usage of the allotted area. When picking benches, make sure that the height of the benches are appropriate when compared to the height of the table. Furthermore, more modern-day tables, like glass leading tables, will typically not look right when paired with a bench. When selecting furnishings for a breakfast nook, be sure that the furniture is both comfortable and casual enough that the area is a cozy and welcoming area where to take pleasure in a meal.

Types of Corner Kitchen Tables:

Traditional Bench Corner Kitchen Table

ckt-with-benchSolid Wood

When I think of corner kitchen tables, this is the design that I think of.  It’s an L shaped bench with chairs on the other two sides.  These benches fit nicely in a corner and can be simple with no design work or elegant with a beautiful design on the bench.  There are normally now cushions included, so it’s just a flat solid surface to sit on.

Padded Corner Kitchen TablePadded or cushioned

These table sets are similar to the Solid wood version of the Traditional bench comer kitchen table, but instead of having the hard flat surface, that have padding.  You can either purchase additional cushions to add to the traditional bench or you can get a corner table set that has the padding built into it.

Counter Height Corner Kitchen TableCounter Height Corner Kitchen Table

Are you looking for an option that keeps the flow of the room with your counter tops, than a counter height corner kitchen table is for you.  There are a lot of options out there with higher tables and chairs.

Modern Corner Kitchen TableModern Corner Kitchen Table interior design

If you’re not looking for the traditional look, but still think the corner kitchen table is the best fit for your breakfast nook, don’t worry.  There are a lot of modern designs available from comfy modern sets to tubular burnished aluminum and black vinyl table sets.  It’s really amazing how many space saving designs are available now! Extra Modern Corner Kitchen Table

Adjustable Kitchen TableAdjustable Kitchen Table

Do you have a very small space that you can’t fit a normal corner table in it?  Check out the adjustable tables that allow you to fold the edges of the table down when it’s not being used.  But can also open up and comfortably fit two people.

Traditional Kitchen Table

Just because you have a smaller space or need to put your table in the corner, doesn’t mean you can’t go with a traditional style kitchen table.  You will want to avoid the grand dining room tables that are heavy and the chairs are overly cushioned.  But you can use circular tables or lighter tables with benches.  These make it easy to consolidate when you are not using them, but provide plenty of space and flexibility when needed.

Here are two great examples of traditional kitchen tables being used in a breakfast nook:

Round Kitchen TableCircular Table

You’ll see that this is nice way to add character to the room, but also make it efficient.  It’s best to use a 4 person table if you’re fitting it into a corner.  But if you have a little extra room, a 6 person table looks great also!

Traditional Kitchen TableTraditional kitchen table with chairs

Not interested in the L shaped table sets that are normally in a breakfast nook?  Don’t worry!  A traditional square or rectangle table works perfectly.  One of the keys to remember if you go this route is to make sure it’s not a heavy table.  You may have to slide it out to give guests more room to get into the back corner.  And you may also want to slide it against the wall when you’re not using it.

Traditional Kitchen Table with benchTraditional kitchen table with benches

Using the traditional kitchen table, but replacing the chairs with benches is another great option.  It gives you the flexibility of moving your table against the wall when not using it and easier access to the seats in the corner when it is in use.  It’s the best of both worlds if you have a small